Working remotely and having the freedom of traveling any time or delivering tasks from the comfort of your home is great.

But how do you start your online career?

Gen Z Digital Workforce project is here to help. It’s a 2-year long project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and developed simultaneously in Denmark, Portugal, North Macedonia, Italy and Hungary.

Increasing digital competence

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered unprecedented socio-economic changes in Europe and reshaped the job market.

Europe is now having unprecedented levels of youth unemployment, and at the same time normalizes the concept of remote work making more jobs available online.

We aim to pilot education and training systems that promote employability, upskilling, and innovation as well as increase social mobility and equality towards special groups.

We chose increasing digital competencies as a method to improve employability due to the spread of remote work in Europe now and its benefits for young people with fewer opportunities who often don’t have access to the traditional job market.

Removing gaps

Promoting online work as a sensible and legitimate career choice for those who have limited opportunities requires a comprehensive transnational approach – especially because many European countries are suffering from the same social ills.

This project aims to close the existing gap between the availability of online job opportunities and the readiness of young people with fewer opportunities to start an online career and those who work with youngsters to help them in their online careers.

Our goal

The project aims to deliver three results which are closely connected to each other:

A Survey on the state of remote work post-COVID in the five project countries: among young people, including those with fewer opportunities; small and medium-sized businesses which tend to provide remote employment; and a big Employment agency. Most prominent data will be gathered in a comprehensive Report on the state of remote work post-COVID. E-learning materials for young people on how to kick-start their online career. A methodology for youth workers, career coaches and educators on how to support young people with fewer opportunities in building their career in the digital era. Follow our updates!